James Well Rogues Point

Prices Park

Prices Park

Prices Park - on northern end of James Well Road


Prices Park from clifftop

Clifftop view of Prices Park


Price Park, at the northern end of James Well, was named after Lance & Shirley Price in apprecaition of their service to the Association.
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10/06/1922 - 28/04/2007

Lance Price was a "Life Member" of the Progress Association since 1983. Some of his acheivements from the inception of the James Well & Rogues Point Progress Association include:

  • Accredited with negotiations to form the present Progress Association bringing James Well & Rogues Point into one Association for the betterment of both areas in 1973;
  • Procuring and planting approximately 2,000 trees after he had negotiations with the Council of Yorke Peninsula over a ten year period;
  • Was the nominated Secretary/Treasurer as well as Auditor numerous times from 1973 to 1984;
  • Was the Liaison between the Progress Association & the District Council who helped get numerous things done in the area between 1973 to 1989;
  • Organised the first New Year's Eve Dances at Vic Brown's farm;
  • Delegate for our Association to the Shack Owners' Association in Adelaide for approximately five years;
  • Responsible for the planning and purchasing of parts for the restoration of the James Well Windmill;
  • Collated and printed the first Newsletter in 1973 and continued until 1992;
  • Arranged for the first Fire Trailer and shed.

The above achievements are all documented in past minutes also Lance did many things to help everyone out in the area.

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