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Hundred of Cunningham

The Hundred of Cunningham, with an area of 134 square miles (85,760 acres) was proclaimed on 18 June 1873.

"Bounded on the west by the eastern boundary of the Hundred of Maitland and on the south by the production east of the south boundary of the said Hundred to the sea coast; on the north by the south boundary of County Daly; and on the east by the sea."

It was named by Governor Fergusson, probably after Hastings Cunningham, founder of the city of Mount Gambier. The Fergusson and Cunninghame families had been friends for generations in Ayrshire, Scotland.

Townships within the Hundred of Cunningham are Ardrossan, Tiddy Widdy and Price.

Source: Salt Winds Across Barley Plains, Beryl Neumann, 1983, Gillingham Printers, page 32
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